Friday, March 20, 2015

A Cheapskate's Guide To Exploring Tasmania By Car Part 2

A New Web-site
From Watership Down
I still smile when I recall the butcher's sign on his rabbits, around the time of the book and the movie, Watership Down that read , 'You have read the book ~ you have seen the movie ~  Now you can taste the cast ~ Fresh Bunnies only $X a kilogram'.

In my last post I talked about my new e-book, The Heritage Highway: A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car, that was intended to be the first of a series of around seven.

 In Search of Reader Convenience

As I began to promote the e-book I noticed that there were just too many steps between me and the reader, making it difficult for both potential readers to access the work and for me to provide up to the minute information.

In order to offer ease of access to a growing body of work I decided to look at creating a web-site that had the flexability to  allow me to add new sections with no inconvenience to the reader.

A Vision Becomes Reality

As I watched my new creation come together I grew ever more excited with its look, its feel, its navigation, as well as its ability to match my original vision.

The planned series is transformed into a single, live and growing entity that can be used on most internet connected devices - and it is FREE so why not take it for a run around the block?

My New Web-site

You probably haven't read the e-book, but now you have free access to the new web-site (what you do with the cast is completely up to you), so if you are excited by the thought of exploring Tasmania, you cherish history and love to travel, please check it out.
~~~ It's FREE ~~~

Its content and live external links to the best data available make this site ideal for pre-planning your trip or use on the run as an on-demand tour guide.

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